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Football stirs and fans passion like no other sport. Countries have gone to war over a football match, rival supporters have rioted and died, fortunes have been made and lost, and such is the fanaticism that revolves around this amazing game. Delhi, the capital city over the years has risen as an important destination for Indian football and its here that different & innovative versions of the game have emerged. And Eventus’s first ever Reebok Premier Corporate Sector League, an annual inter-corporate six-a-side tournament was no exception.

From BPOs to media companies, IT firms to consulting agencies, 32 teams of all sizes and players from all denominations locked horns for the prestigious winner’s title. Genpact-II emerged as the winners for the first edition of the league.

League Results Knockout Results
Bowl Winners: Genpact Salver Winners: United
Gold Winners: Genpact-II
Silver Winners: CSC
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