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MD's Message
Dear Patrons,

The exponential pace at which Eventus is growing is both exciting and challenging. And every event that we do, needless to say, is gradually helping us build a great sports event management company which is gaining widespread admiration and recognition.

Our events have already attracted more than 200 top corporate houses in our various events over the last 9 years. The fact that so many corporates desire to associate with Eventus, is testimony to the efficient service and brand reliability we have already acquired in such short time. We at Eventus have significant reasons to pat our backs and hence feel proud. In terms of services, innovation and quality, our patrons rate us as one of the finest sports event management company catering to the needs of the corporate sector.

I thank all our patrons for their gratitude and valuable feedback which they have bestowed on us regularly. We truly value your suggestions and promise to continuously strive to offer you with excellent value at our events. Your feedback is highly valuable to us, so please continue to evaluate our services and offer us your remarks that will help us nurture the relationship we share with you. I continue to deeply value your patronage with Eventus.

Kind Regards,
Deepika Chopra
Managing Director
About Us
“Event and Us” constitute the name of our company “Eventus” which specializes in handling event from inception to execution with emphasis on quality parameters. Since our establishment in 2001, we have hosted exclusive events exploring interest of corporate sector. Our success is due to many factors, but a commitment to stand out and be recognized for excellence is our hallmark. The strength of the company lies in its creative team and the investment we make in conceptualizing each event. The company is rapidly expanding, heading towards being a major player in the global events arena in the very near future. Customer care and focus is at a premium at Eventus. No detail is spared when creating and managing an event.
Our History

Eventus was established in 2001 for an extremely noble reason: to promote the passion for sports harboured by professionals.

With this extremely dignified aim, Eventus has done much to revolutionize the corporate sporting events industry in Delhi and the NCR region. A business that was envisaged on passion for sports today offers an excellent platform for the professionals highly weighed down by the rigorous demands of their corporate lives to unwind and form meaningful relationships in a relaxed yet professional environment. The home grown business has crossed many significant milestones over the past 6 years of its operations. From 16 teams in the 1st Eventus Cup of 2001/02, the company has managed to achieve a growth figure of more than three times in 2007 where it scored participation of over 50 teams in its 6th Eventus Cup of 2006/07. The steady yet strong growth in the number of teams wanting to participate in the much acclaimed Eventus Cup is just one of the strong pillars on which this high-growth-potential business today stands.

The year 2002 was a turning point for Eventus. Not only did we hold our 2nd Eventus Cup with 28 teams, we also successfully managed the Delhi Merchant’s Soccer Tournament. In the same year, we initiated our alliance with one of ours most precious client, Reebok India Company. Our association with this global player has moved from strength to strength since 2002. This global sporting goods producers’ Indian top brass has always shown trust and appreciation for our work and has constantly supported us in our endeavours. The highly successful 7th Reebok Cricket Tournament held in 2007 happens to be the largest corporate tournament with more than 54 participating corporate houses, is a testimony to the bond we share with this organisation.

With the world awakening to the potential dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, the discipline of sports has acclaimed much enthusiasm especially amongst those associated with the corporate world. Eventus having recognized this growing passion for sports incepted a new event for indoor games like Badminton, Table Tennis and Basketball in 2003 and hence became one of the first few in the industry to offer the same.2007 is a yet another extremely significant year for us. Having achieved a stature where Eventus commands much respect and adoration in the sports event management industry, we are now on the process of re-formulating our business policies and also endorsing a professional structure in the organisation. The expansion of the team in 2007 necessitated by the growth in the business has directed us to a path where we are bound to scale higher levels of success and hence become a pioneer in the industry.

We courteously salute all our clients for their kind support and custom.

Our Goals

Our organisational goal is to lead the sporting events industry in India and hence strengthen the passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle of professionals. We are a highly consumer-driven company and everything we do focuses on strengthening and developing our brand to maximize the organisational performance and raise service standards par excellence.

With the inception of innovative sporting events concepts, we have been successful in giving a completely new platform to our target audience and hence accomplish a broader market presence and a fresh and transformed market positioning.

Having scaled new pinnacles of success by constantly delivering outstanding quality, service and value, we now aim to widen our organisational profile we have with our clients and enhance brand presence by execution of a well-defined and an extremely competent strategy.

Our Values

Eventus endeavours to continuously strengthen our performance in our events to improve customer satisfaction and hence enhance our competitive position.

We take keen interest in our work. Adhering to the etiquettes of conducting ethical business, we offer unprecedented services in all our events. This is the least we aim to offer to our clients.

Consumer focus
Being a consumer centric organisation, we actively encourage our clients to bestow us with their feedback. This aids our continuous efforts in improving the experience of our events to match and exceed consumer expectations and hence provide them with optimum value.

We at Eventus value the exceptional emphasis our clients lay on their participation in our events. For this reason, we are governed and managed by a board of professional managers and experts who take keen interest in the game to make the experience truly enthralling.

We seek to facilitate professionals from various walks of life to unwind and get pleasure from our sporting events based on breakthrough concepts that we bring out on a regular basis.

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